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Mobile measurement companies provide performance metrics (including attribution, lifetime value, downstream conversions, ROI, etc) and analysis across acquisition channels.

Typical integration steps include (but are not limited to):
  • Integrating the Facebook-enabled mobile measurement company's SDK in your iOS or Android app.
  • Updating your privacy policy with the appropriate terms (as specified by the mobile measurement company).
  • Entering your Facebook App ID in the mobile measurement company's tool.
  • Launching your mobile app install focused ad campaigns on Facebook.
  • Start attributing installs, events, and revenue generated by Facebook.

Integration steps will differ by company. Please contact the company for more information.

Please note:
  • The Facebook mobile SDK is not required if you integrate with a mobile measurement company's SDK.
  • Redirect links / URLs are not used or supported.
  • You can leverage Facebook's oCPM bidding if you integrate with a mobile measurement company's SDK.

Mobile Measurement Qualified Companies

  • adjust

    adjust is a leading business intelligence platform for mobile app marketers. We combine attribution for advertising sources with advanced analytics and store statistics. Track marketing performance - across all of your sources. Match users to ...
  • Adways

    Adways is a multinational mobile advertising firm head quartered in Tokyo. Adways provides PartyTrack, a user acquisition analytics tool for mobile apps. PartyTrack allows clients to analyze end users who installed the app via Facebook app inst...
  • AD-X

    AD-X is the original 3rd party mobile tracking, analytics and attribution solution. AD-X has been chosen by the worlds largest brands and performance marketers for its technology, accuracy, flexibility and global presence. AD-X supports all leadin...
  • AppsFlyer

    AppsFlyer is a mobile ads measurement platform that allows app developers, brands and agencies to measure and optimize their entire mobile customer acquisition funnel from one real-time dashboard. AppsFlyer’s holistic approach allows advertiser...
  • Apsalar

    Apsalar’s media-agnostic mobile analytics & audience platform combines a sophisticated marketing attribution suite, audience analysis, and user segmentation capabilities to power a data-driven mobile marketing channel. Using Apsalar, enterprises c...
  • Cyberagent

    CyberAgent's CAMP (CyberAgent Marketing Platform) is a service that measures the effectiveness of Internet advertising. CAMP is a one-stop solution for all your needs for measuring the effectiveness of advertising on PCs, mobile phones, and sma...
  • CyberZ

    CyberZ offers a marketing solution that specializes in smartphone advertising. CyberZ delivers comprehensive solutions, from maximizing install/ROI for smartphone apps to maximizing user acquisition/ROI for smartphone web sites. Force Operation...
  • Kochava

    Kochava offers a unique approach in the mobile app attribution ecosystem. Our holistic approach to attribution, visualization, and optimization gives advertisers the ability to understand their UA activities in context. Kochava removes the guess w...
  • Localytics

    United States of America
    Localytics helps app owners build stronger relationships with their mobile and web app users through our analytics and marketing platform. Localytics helps app owners improve new customer acquisition, create better app experiences, and drive enga...
  • Septeni

    Septeni is the first Asian agency to integrate its proprietary Facebook Ad Tool, PYXIS with its own mobile measurement technology, increasing the opportunities for achieving positive ROI with Facebook ad campaigns. Serving optimized Facebook ad...
  • Trademob

    Trademob is Europe’s leading expert in mobile app marketing. Coupling the world’s largest mobile inventory with pioneering mobile advertising technologies and unmatched industry expertise, we achieve maximum volume of new users and revenue for our...